Tasks You Can Accomplish During Your Baby’s Naps

“Sleep when the baby sleeps has never been a helpful quote for me.”

Even more so during the school holidays when her older sister is home. At the moment my toddler naps between 1 and 2 hours a nap and I love using that time to have lunch, have some down time and do my coaching calls where possible.

Here are some other tasks you can accomplish during your baby’s (or toddlers) naps.

  1. Life admin. This can be anything from opening your pile of post to booking your important medical appointments.
  2. A quick dust around the living room while watching an episode of your favourite show.
  3. Listen to an educational or self-care podcast for some self-development.
  4. Cook lunch or prep dinner.
  5. Schedule in 10-15 minutes of breathwork, especially if you’ve had a chaotic morning.
  6. Reply to emails or to text messages.

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