Dr Zak’s Protein Bread

Dr Zak's Protein Bread

I was beyond excited when the people at Dr Zak’s asked me to review their Protein bread.

I love bread and toast as much as the next person but my issue is always that I’m hungry soon after eating a sandwich and if counting macros I would prefer to use my carbohydrates on something more exciting than bread. So a bread that contains 30g protein, omega 3′s and reduced carbohydrate (13.9g per slice) sounded perfect. However my experience with ‘free from’ breads is always that it has a cardboard texture and bland taste. So I was interested in finding out how Dr Zak’s would come up compared to the others.

I firstly decided to try the bread as a sandwich and was surprised how much it tasted like fresh wholemeal bread, the smell even resembles fresh bread.

Dr Zak's Open Sarnie

Halfway through I started to feel full but was far too greedy to not finish! 3 hours later I was still full but without feeling bloated. Regular bread contains around 2g Protein a slice and I would definitely have been peckish by now.

The next day I decided to see if it would pass the ‘Toast Test’ and again it came up trumps alongside my omelette for breakfast.

Dr Zak's Toast

Lastly I decided to try it alongside a non-savoury breakfast and made cinnamon eggy bread. This was my favourite, it also cooked quicker than regular bread.

Dr Zak's Eggy Bread

Dr Zak’s is ideal for any one following a high protein diet or bodybuilder types who want to enjoy bread while getting the benefits of protein. There is a big difference in price when compared to regular bread but I think nutritionally the benefits balances that out. It has reduced carbohydrate which might still not suit someone on a strict low carbohydrate diet however.

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