Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta


Today I am reviewing Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta. I was sent this to review along with the Protein Bread, and after being impressed with the bread I was expecting big things from the pasta.

Hands up who avoids pasta especially when on a low-carb or high-protein eating plan? Or maybe like me you have a pasta salad then feel hungry soon after?

100g of Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta will give you 396 Kcals, 50g Protein, 31g Carbohydrates Fat 7.5 g(1.5g Saturated).

The carbohydrate is around 50% less than traditional pasta which can contain up to 70g compared to 31g from Dr Zak’s. However unlike traditional pasta the high protein keeps you fuller for longer and therefore will aid in weight-loss as you are less likely to snack.

For all you fitness fanatics it is particularly high in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and is great for building and maintaining muscle due to containing all eight essential amino acids.

The ingredients are clean, and uses fresh egg which is great! I loved the texture of the pasta once it was cooked. It reminded me of egg lasagne and  I think it would work great as a clean alternative to regular pasta in lasagne. The pasta also absorbs sauce extremely well.


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