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I was overwhelmed when Sam at HiPP Organic sent Amber this huge selection of meals and fruit pots to try.  And Amber couldn’t wait to get stuck in either.


HiPP Organic specialise in baby and toddler meals and snacks. They also do a range of formula milk.

From day one of weaning Amber I have always made homemade meals for her and then would freeze them in baby sized portions. During her first Christmas we went to visit my family up in Scotland and while out Christmas shopping I realised I hadn’t prepared anything for her to eat. I nipped in to the nearest Boots store and picked up a Boots food pouch. Lets just say little miss Amber was not impressed with it and spat it all over me! Oops!

I had however bought the HiPP Organic fruit pots before and she loved them, especially the apple, peach and mango combo. So I was confident that she would like the new flavours. The meals however would be interesting for my stubborn ‘food snob’ toddler. She usually demands “eggy” or “toastie” for lunch and even the nursery staff have commented on the fact that she has a healthy appetite but definitely knows what she likes and does not like.

What she definitely liked was the HiPP Organic Spaghetti Bolognese. All the meals are generous sized portions and can be eaten at room temperature or heated for 60 seconds in the microwave. So if you’re busy it’s great.

IMG_0231     IMG_0232    IMG_0234

After finishing her lunch their were cries of “more, more” which is of course a good sign.

Another favourite was the Lasagne, which I tried and LOVED. It tasted like regular lasagne and out all the meals it was the one I was most impressed with. Again it was a generous 230g.


And her final favourite was Ravioli, which I expected as it’s one of her favourite foods.


On to the fruit pots they were gone before I could take a photo! The fruit pots are great as they are 100% organic fruit with nothing else added. They are great on their own or mixed with natural or greek yoghurt. I have also used them in baking for example in flapjacks or oat cookies.

IMG_9701   IMG_8416 IMG_9190

Al the ingredients can be found on their website which I’ll link to at the end of this post.

PRO’S: Quick and convienient. The meals only take 60 seconds to heat up or can be eaten cold. So fantastic if you are at playgroup, a park or at a friends home.

The ingredients are wholesome and better quality than competitors as they use organic produce.

The portion sizes are generous and with some added fresh vegetables will keep little tummies nice and full.

It past the ‘taste test’ the meals tasted fresh and flavoursome and Amber would always ask for more.

CONS:  I am very much a cook from scratch mummy and at roughly £1.50-£1.70 a meal they work out more expensive over a week/month than what I would spend on organic ingredients and cooking myself.

Apart from cost I struggled to find any other cons. These meals are easily available at most supermarkets and when baby events are on you can get these for as little as £1 for the fruit pots. As a busy mum myself I found the meals a great help and have already have the Ravioli, Bolognese and Lasagne on my shopping list!

For some information on Hipp Organic please visit their website Hipp Organic or you can contact them on Twitter @HiPPOrganic.


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