Warrior Princess Protein & Supplements Review

warrior princess

If you read my blog or Instagram you’ll know that I use whey protein roughly twice a week and usually in a smoothie combined with low-sugar fruit like berries and with chia seeds or maca. On a busy morning when time is limited this ensures that I can still get my protein in first thing rather than grabbing a sugary cereal bar.

In the lead up to Christmas and LBD party season I know we are all looking to drop some stubborn pounds. I for one eat anything and everything on Christmas day so in the weeks prior I try to count my macros or as I’m doing now switch to a more vegetarian diet including replacing red meat with Quorn.

Some protein powders although usually low in carb can sometimes come in at over 200kcals. If like me you then add fruit or nut butters the calories can hike up very quickly.

warrior princess shake

The Diet Formula ‘Rise’ protein from Warrior Princess in banana comes in at a very low 99 calories. Carbs are 1.2g and contains green tea, CLA and acai berry to help support weight loss. It also includes comprehensive multi-vitamin and mineral blend. Taste wise it tastes great, isn’t too sweet like some competitors and mixes really well. I did prefer it with milk to give it a more creamy taste. To keep the calories down I would recommend using unsweetened almond milk or skimmed milk.

There are also 4 other flavours available, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and unflavoured- which is great for protein baking.

The Shine supplement contains ingredients such as collagan, silica and vitamin c to provide you with healthy hair, skin and nails. I have already noticed a difference in my nails since using this. I don’t have any skin conditions so I can’t comment on whether it has made a difference to my skin but silica is an active ingredient in hair, skin and nails supplements and sells extremely well at my work.

The Blaze supplement is for weight management and includes ingredients such as chromium which is really effective for helping to reduce sugar cravings. It helps to regulate the metabolism of our blood sugar and I actually take a chromium supplement every winter because I tend to have crazy sugary cravings when it’s cold. Also included is green tea, amino acids and some other ingredients which all work together to improve alertness, improve energy and burn fat. Unfortunately due to being on prescribed medication over the last few weeks I haven’t  been able to try these.

The bundle I was sent is called the Slender & Beautiful Freshers Pack and comes in at a very reasonable price of £49.99. Also included is a BPA shaker bottle.

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