Nutrifiz Review


I have to admit that I am awful at remembering to take my daily vitamins and as much as I know about the benefits of wheatgrass, it’s not something I buy due to A. Cost and B. The horrible taste of wheatgrass powders.

I have however been subject to regular colds recently due to my toddler bringing home nursery bugs with her, and with the colder months about to make an appearance it’s time to take boosting my immune system more seriously. I was sent a tube of 10 effervescent tablets from Nutrifiz to review. They contain vitamins, minerals and wheatgrass and you simply dissolve a tablet in water to create a fizzy lemon flavour drink which is actually really nice compared to wheatgrass powders. I have a glass of water every morning when I wake up, so remembering to take my drink was easy.

The tubes come in different sizes and there is also a kids range available. I also find the price (my tube has an RRP of £6.50 for 10 tablets) reasonable when you consider how much regular wheatgrass supplements cost.

To find out more about Nutrifiz please visit Nutrifiz Website

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