{AD-GIFTED} The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift From Nivea

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and my it’s a special one for me as it’s my first Mother’s Day as a mum of two.

If you’re anything like me you’ll still be exhausted by months of homeschooling and your skin is probably looking tired from not having the time to dedicate to your usual skincare regime.

In my case you can add a newborn to the mix, so injecting some energy into my skincare with these Nivea products is ideal. They will certainly make the perfect last minute gifts for the tired mums out there.

I’m already a fan of the Q10 range as you will have seen me mention before, but I’m looking forward to adding the Vitamin C + E eye cream to my morning skincare regime.

The recharging night cream is great for mums who don’t have time in the morning for a proper skincare regime and who prefer to spend more time on their skin in the evening.

I have listed the products below. I think these would be lovely added to a homemade skincare hamper for Mother’s Day. I would also add some feet pampering goodies and chocolate to make it even more special.


Q10 + Vit C firming lotion
Vitamin C + E eye cream
Recharging night cream
Anti-Wrinkle + Energy day cream (spf 15)
Instant Recharge sheet mask
Fresh blends apricot, mango + rice milk shower wash

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