{Gifted} The Happiness Revolution- Book Review

As a mindset coach I have spent years trying to perfect ways to welcome happiness into my life, including reading every self-help book going, to living more mindfully. It can sometimes be overwhelming as there are so many tips and hacks.

The Happiness Revolution: A Manifesto For Living Your Best Life is a self development book written by motivational experts Dr Andy Cope & Professor Paul McGee.

They outline a 10-point Happiness Manifesto to simplify bringing happiness into your life in ways that are practical and therefore easy to implement for life. What I love about this book is that it has been written in a fun, and friendly tone which initially took me by surprise as I’m used to more serious tones in self development books.

I personally loved their Manifesto Pledge #1 which focused on self love and not seeking validation from others. This is so important especially since we live our lives through social media, obsessed with likes and followers.

There is a great throwback to 2007 the days before social media and just before the release of the first iPhone. The authors look back at how simple life was without apps for everything and how you could walk into a coffee shop and your fellow diners would be reading a newspaper rather than scrolling social media. This is why they go on to encourage less tech time aka a digital detox in order to connect with people in real life.

As well as self love and being your own best friend there is also a reminder on the importance of physical health and eating well. I know that for me I feel happier when I’ve slept well and moved my body.

A game changer for me was their tip for meeting your daily steps target. Now so much is said about 10,000 being a target for us however there’s very little scientific proof on that specific number. So they say to change your mindset to increasing the number of steps you take each year by one million. Imagine how motivating that would be to look at on your vision board every day? The word one million in itself makes me feel like I’m manifesting success. This is how they break it down..

In most years there are 365 days. We need to multiply that by 2,740 to get to one million (or 100 steps over a million). So 2,740 steps a day adds up to over a million in a year. That is much more manageable for the every day person who has mobility issues or works behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Also the main win here is that you are moving your body every single day which in itself is great for your mental and physical health.

There is also a big focus on living in the present and learning to practice gratitude in our daily lives. Hygge is something which I started to implement years ago as I love the Danish way of living, so it was nice to see Hygge mentioned as something which we should look to include in our lives.

There are so many other amazing tips but I don’t want to share them all and spoil the book for you. What I would say though is that this is definitely a book worth investing in. It’s easy to read, helpful, funny and not patronising (a common theme in similar books). There are so many “uh-huh” moments and nuggets of information which when you read it sounds really simple yet we have been so conditioned to make our happiness more complicated than it should be.

The Happiness Revolution is £11.99 from Wiley

*The book was gifted in exchange for an honest review.

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