Keeping The Love Alive – 5 Easy Tips to Save Your Marriage

Marriages are meant to last. Sadly, more and more married couples are struggling to keep their love alive. Consequently, the rate of divorces has been increasing consistently.

Marriages aren’t always bliss. However, many feuding couples don’t work hard enough on their marriages, and it often seems easier to hire divorce solicitors . 

However, your marriage may have a chance if you put some work into saving it. 

Here are five tips that can help reignite the sparkle in your marriage: 


Communication is essential for every relationship to work. Unfortunately some married couples don’t talk – even when they have something to say. Being the one to break the silence can feel difficult, but it is necessary to reconnect.

As such, break the silence and reconnect. Say something of value, such as asking about how your partner’s day went. However, ensure that you have a candid talk about your marriage and the things plaguing it. This is the first step to saving any relationship – it can also be all you need to do. 

Take an Audit of Your Marriage 

Your marriage was full of love and hope when it started. So, how did it get here? Several things must have happened over the years to make your love sour. You chose to be blind to these things, but identifying the problem is essential for finding a solution. As such, have a candid talk with your spouse and give honest opinions of what you don’t like about the marriage. 

Get Counselling 

Counselling is usually the last resort for many struggling couples. Talking to a marriage counsellor may feel like an invasion of your privacy, but you will be surprised by how much it can help your marriage. Your therapist will help you reconnect, taking the burden off breaking the silence. They will also help you identify the problems plaguing your marriage. However, it is important to cooperate with your counsellor.

Make Your Partner’s Happiness a Priority 

Many couples in struggling marriages often complain that their partners don’t pay them enough attention. They don’t do the sweet things that they did before, such as bringing gifts home or remembering the anniversary. Most complain about it until the marriage collapses – some also go looking for more attention in affairs, further complicating the marriage.

Your partner’s heart will soften when you start paying them enough attention. The idea is to prioritize their happiness. Your partner will get the message and appreciate it by prioritizing your happiness, too. 

Keep Positive Company 

The company you keep can either make or break your marriage. For example, flirty friends who are always trying to get into your pants will make your partner jealous. However, other couples will encourage you to keep your marriage going. As such, it is essential to keep a positive company. It is also important to spend more time togethersuch as going to double-dates.

Final Thoughts 

Your marriage is worth saving. However, it is your responsibility to save it. It doesn’t have to cost you much either to put some of these tips into practice – all you need is will and love. 

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