{AD-Gifted} Musclefood Prepped Pots Review

I am sure that most of us will agree that lockdown put a big dent in our fitness and health goals. Not being able to go to the gym and the struggle to get everything from our healthy food list from the supermarkets.

I had joined my local gym in September and had got into a really good routine over the next 6 months and even though I wasn’t tracking macros I was being mindful of my nutrition. However when lockdown hit I was faced with no gym and less time to cook nutritious lunches due to homeschooling my daughter. My nutrition suffered and I started feeling more lethargic.

Soon after this Musclefood got in touch to ask if I wanted to try their range of Prepped Pots. Musclefood are an online food delivery service who specialise in meals, snacks and supplements designed to support a healthy and fitness focused lifestyle.

The Musclefood Prepped Pots are perfect for anyone looking for a tasty high protein meal to keep on track with their goals. Whether that is weight loss, improving your protein macros or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


  • A great variety of meals, including vegetarian and vegan options
  • Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • High protein
  • Lean meats=less fat
  • Quick and convenient- cook from frozen

There is this misconception that healthy food means living on chicken breast, bland rice and broccoli, but we need variety in our diet otherwise it’s all to easy to get bored. I tried a variety of the prepped pots for 2 weeks and will share my favourites and experience below.

The Brit Abroad 

First up is ‘The Brit Abroad’ which is a vegan breakfast pot containing marinated mock chicken pieces, baked beans, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and spinach. HP brown sauce is also added.

This pot is a great start to the day with an impressive 21g protein in each serving, and only 293 calories! Breakfast is an important meal for me and this was the perfect start to the day after doing the PE with Joe Wicks workouts with my daughter.

Taste wise I really enjoyed this and I think the addition of potatoes and the brown sauce stopped it from being bland, which can usually be the case with vegan breakfasts.

Tikka Chicken 

The tikka chicken was the probably the meal I was most excited to try. I love a bit of spice and was excited to see the range of Asian inspired meals available. This meal didn’t disappoint on flavour or macros. Steam-cooked chicken breast is combined with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots in a creamy tikka sauce. The meal itself is delicious and mildly spice, so suitable even for those who aren’t a fan of spicy food.

The macros here are impressive too, a whopping 34g protein and only 321 calories.

Thai Curry Chicken

Doesn’t the photo of this Thai curry chicken just make you want one right now? Thai curry is one of my favourite meals, I could eat it every day. The lemongrass and Thai inspired flavours really comes through and I was willing the microwave to beep before the 6 minutes cooking time was up. This was my favourite of the pots, if I was making it myself I would make it slightly creamier (but it would also be more calorific). Macros here are 34g protein and only 274 calories.

Mushroom & Spinach Ragu

This is another meat-free meal which I enjoyed. The ragu was full of flavour and coated the pasta well. I love garlic in my homemade ragu and the amount in this was perfect, Macros are 10g protein and 217 calories.

Black Bean Chicken

Black bean chicken is one of my go-to meals from my local Chinese and this fakeaway delivered when it came to taste. I loved the flavour of the black bean and chilli sauce but I think the amount of sauce lacked in this meal. Saying that it is still a meal that I would order again as the flavour was incredible. Macros 34g protein and 314 calories.

Overall I really enjoyed these pots, especially the fact that I could have a balanced meal on my table in 6 minutes. The high protein content meant that I wasn’t snacking between meals and even though I wasn’t tracking my weight I noticed my jeans feeling less snug after the 2 weeks. As well as having these meals I was exercising every morning and having two long walks. So if weight loss is your goal then these meals are a better option than weight loss shakes.

Let me know if you give these Prepped Pots a try.

   *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use or buy myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission.

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