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Staying fit is something that makes a lot of people grimace. The idea of intense physical activity for no immediate reward? No thanks, I’ll hang out here with my cake that tastes nice right now. It’s tempting, and we all do it, but occasionally, it’s time to get up and move. For an increasing number of people there are ways of getting fit that are less monotonous and even – whisper it – can be enjoyable.

As healthy eating becomes less about eating bland gruel and more about things you can enjoy, exercise is taking on new shapes. You can get a workout in and have a whale of a time all at once – just look for a way that suits you. Maybe you like to dance; maybe you like to swim. Or maybe you like to bounce. Yes, bounce.

The increasing popularity of trampolining as a way to keep fit may seem unusual for adults, but it’s worth considering. It’s become a standard sight to see trampolines in people’s gardens. You may think they’re for the kids, but why should the youngsters have all the fun? Trampolines are a very efficient way to keep yourself in condition. You might just fall in love, and you’ll find yourself researching into one of the latest keep-fit trends – the trampoline park.


The first reason that trampoline parks are a popular option is simple: trampolines are fun. Let’s not try to over-analyse it more than that. There’s just something joyful about bouncing high and turning somersaults that most of us would break our necks if we tried them on the ground. You can spend an idea day pretending to be a kid again, only this time you know not to eat before bouncing away. Adulthood has its upsides.

Secondly, there’s a lot more to trampoline parks than just bouncing. The options available to you include extreme dodgeball , slam dunk basketball, and a foam pit. And if you want to sit on the sidelines and just let your kids enjoy the park, you can watch them from the cafe and spectator areas. This will be particularly welcome as you nurse your muscles from the “extreme” part of “extreme dodgeball”. Recovery is always best with a coffee in hand and your kids being entertained by something else.

Not least of the benefits of a trampoline park, you can make it part of your keep fit regime. There are wide ranges of healthy activities planned and supervised by experts. More and more studios are adding simple fitness classes for any levels. There’s also High-Intensity Interval Training, which gives you the chance to build endurance as well as working on your core and strength. I am personally a big fan of HIIT as you can do a full workout in 15-20 minutes.

One last note to bear in mind. It can be easy to believe that bouncing in the air – which is by its nature not a highly controlled action – will be dangerous. Don’t be frightened: all safety gear needed is provided, and the parks are highly supervised. It’s designed so you won’t be on the same flight path as another human being, and everything else around you guarantees a soft landing.

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