So as you probably know from my social media  I am an Ambassador for SFN EXPO . It is a sport, fitness and nutrition expo which is held in Glasgow. I attended the very first one back in 2014. I had just started my original blog and was finding my feet in regards to nutrition. I was actually a bit reluctant to go as three months prior I had attended Bodypower Expo and apart from meeting fitness guru Jessie Pavelka who by the way is amazing and so inspirational, I just felt so uncomfortable, and the whole expo just seemed to consist of people in little to no clothes trying to get sponsored. For me, personally there was no depth. So I ended up getting the train back to Manchester earlier than I expected.


What attracted to me to SFN Expo was that it seemed more accessible to ‘normal’ people like myself, especially with the free seminars on offer. And seeing names on the list like Tony Pang, Layne Norton and Ben Coomber for the seminars was mind blowing. Ben Coomber is amazing and I am constantly listening to his podcasts or reading his latest content. Another name that attracted me was Ryan Terry, who lets be honest, is an absolute hunk! He also happens to be very down to earth and approachable. As with most Expos there were lots of free samples, which is great and overall I left feeling more educated and excited to learn more.

Sadly I couldn’t make last years event due to family commitments, but I am so excited to be part of the Ambassador team this year. Everything is bigger and better and the regular video chats and communication from the organisers shows how much effort they are putting in.

Some great things happening this year are the Protein Pow Workshop, Les Mills Classes and the return of Phil Learney who is presenting TWO seminars. I’m actually really excited about this as I missed him last year. Instagram sensation Clean Eating Alice also confirmed on her Twitter a few days ago that she is attending, and Zanna van Dijk is a strong possibility too. Both these ladies are amazing and promote a balanced attitude to food and fitness,


YES! There is no need to be a bodybuilder, or a bikini model for even a health/fitness professional. This expo really is open to absolutely everyone, even kids. And the tickets are affordable. I promise you will come away with so much information and motivation to learn more about nutrition, fitness and health.


Early Bird Tickets are still available, and if you use my discount code SFNAM43 you’ll get an extra 10% off!

Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you in Glasgow in August. But in the meantime make sure you follow SFN Expo’s social media channels and Snapchat for announcements on athletes and other announcements.

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