As you know I’m a busy mum and as much as I love getting all my nutrients from food, sometimes time runs away from me and I have to supplement to get my protein levels in. Normally this will be in the form of a protein shake. I’ve had issues with ready to drink protein shakes giving me tummy ache, but as I’ve mentioned previously I can tolerate the UFIT range pretty well, so obviously I was stoked when they released a lactose free range. I haven’t found any difference in flavour between this and the regular protein and the range still contains UFIT’s popular 22g of protein, whilst still being low in fat with no added sugar. The shake is also available in vanilla, which I am yet to try but I’m defintely a fan of the strawberry.

I think it’s great that so many brands are bringing out lactose free versions of their products as reasonable prices, especially when it comes to protein products. Having lactose free protein shakes available also means I don’t have to worry about carrying my lactase pills around with me.

*Contains PR samples

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