UFit Protein Drink


I was recently sent some Ufit protein drinks and Collagen+ beauty milk from the The Protein Drinks Co. to review.


As I’m lactose intolerant I tend to stay away from ready to drink protein. However I found the Ufit protein drink surprisingly gentle on my tummy compared to other ones I have tried (this was with and without my lactase tablet which I take before consuming lactose).

I was sent the strawberry flavour. Strawberry tends to be a big miss with whey protein as the taste isn’t always great, so I usually buy vanilla or chocolate. However I was really impressed with the flavour and how similar it tasted to strawberry milkshake, yum! It has a lovely clean taste and not that powdery artifical taste that you get with some protein drinks.

The Macros are impressive too.

22g protein, 166kcals, 1.6 saturated fat, 10.7g carbs and 3.2g fibre.

There is no added sugar (sweetened with sucralose) and it contains a mixture of vitamin d, vitamin e, vitamin c, selenium and calcium.

The impressive 22g protein makes it  great post-workout option. I have also used it in the morning if I don’t have time for breakfast as it’s not only filling but gives me a good source of vitamins and minerals to kick start my day.

For more information head to their website

*This item was sent to me in return for a review but this doesn’t affect my opinion.

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