[AD-Gifted} Sous Chef Panettone- Perfect For A Christmas Day Treat

We all have our own Christmas day traditions and for us food plays a big part. Breakfast is usually scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on a bagel, followed by a traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. For me dessert has to be sherry trifle followed by a nap. Christmas evening then consists of Christmas pudding for the family, however I am not a fan so I would usually have an alternative. If you are like me then the Panettone at Sous Chef would be the perfect treat. I would personally recommend the Fiasconaro Traditional Hand-Wrapped Panettone for after dinner, served with a lovely Italian coffee.

The panettone is made to a traditional recipe with raisins and candied orange peel and is a lighter alternative to Christmas pudding. Fiasconaro also add a dash of Marsala and Zibibbo wines for an extra festive touch. It is absolutely delicious and not too rich so it would also go well with a nice glass of wine.

As it is so beautifully wrapped it would also make a lovely Christmas gift for a loved one or for a Secret Santa gift for any foodie colleagues.

I also love the sound of the Flamigni Luxury Pistachio Panettone. It doesn’t contain sultana or candied fruit so it would be perfect for anyone who isn’t a fan of those festive flavours. Once again this is also wrapped beautifully, saving you time in the process.

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