McVities’s Digestives To Go Review


McVities  recently reached out to me to see if I wanted to try their new digestive to go range of biscuits. Being a massive fan of their dark chocolate digestive range I just had to say yes!

So a few weeks later a big box of goodies arrived, just in time for Christmas. Each individual box contains 6x twin packs of the dark chocolate digestives.


These are really handy for carrying in your lunch box for a work treat or if you don’t trust yourself with a big pack of biscuits.

They are also good for on the go, especially if like me you sneak your own snacks in to the cinema.

Eat biscuit comes in at 83 calories, 2.1g saturated fat, and less than 5g of sugars. So it’s a better swap than a chocolate bar for me. And you just can’t beat the crumbly digestive biscuit and layer of dark chocolate. It’s simply delicious.



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