My Time Saving Meal Prep Guide

Meal prepping has become essential for me over the last few years. When you’re a working parent or sleep deprived it can be easy to reach for unhealthy processed food or ready meals. I’m always preparing meals the day before work so that I am not tempted by over-priced soggy salads.

One kitchen appliance I can’t live without is my trusty microwave. To be honest before I became a mum I rarely used one, but it has been so convenient for making homemade baby food and even my favourite sweet treat, ‘mug cake’ which is an easy way to make a dessert using a mug and a few ingredients. However a microwave is so much more than just a reheating appliance.

Top chef Tom Kitchin recently showed how you can create a gourmet meal just by using the Panasonic combination microwave. Combination microwaves are a great alternative especially if you have a small kitchen or live in student accommodation where appliances are limited. And as some professionals mentioned in the video, you don’t lose any quality and the food tastes just as good as when cooked in a conventional oven.

Have you ever used a combination microwave? Feel free to share your favourite microwave meal ideas.

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