Slim By Slimline- Review

When Slimline recently got in touch to see if I wanted to try their SLIM wine, I was a little hesitant, especially due to the zero sugar, zero carb claims. I’m a big wine lover, especially red and I wasn’t sure how good a zero sugar wine would taste and the process involved in developing such a wine. I always ignore previous reviews when reviewing a product as I like to go in with a clear head.

Slimline Wine is a new premium wine brand who released their range just a few months ago. They use a special fermention process, which transforms the wine into a unique zero sugar, zero carb wine. The wine is made using only the best grapes from their personal vineyard in Italy and contains the same ABV as regular wine (10.5%) The wines contain just 412 calories a bottle and are vegan, pleasing both dieters and plant-based lifestyles.

I was sent a bottle of Really Red to try. On first taste the wine has a smooth taste with gentle hints of vanilla coming through. Even with its lightness it is still well-rounded thanks to the Barbara grape used in the process. There is a light fruity after taste which I love and would please even drinkers who aren’t normally keen on red wine. The bottle has a simple yet elegant design which looks beautiful on your kitchen counter and comes with a cork top.

There has been a real buzz lately around zero sugar lifestyles and I believe the range would fit in well for anyone following a calorie-controlled plan and gives a better option than the regular spirits and tonic which most dieters are usually recommended to drink. I don’t know about you, but watching Sex and The City re-runs without a glass of red just isn’t an option.

Although I’m not a dieter, I am a mum and sometimes we need that chill time without worrying about carbs and sugar content.

As well as the red, they offer a range of white and sparkling wines which I can imagine would taste gorgeous chilled on a hot summer day.

The bottles start at £8.99 and can be purchased direct from their website. I would like to see these on the shelves at supermarkets as I’m not the most organised of people when it comes to keeping my wine cabinet stocked up, but I’m confident that the big supermarkets will be keen to stock these!

*I was sent a bottle to try in return for an honest review.

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