The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Review


I was recently sent a selection of tea from The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company to review. I am very vocal about buying local produce and supporting small companies so the fact that their teas are sourced directly from the tea growers is something that resonates with me, especially since this ensures a fair wage to farmers.

I was sent three flavours, Assam Bari (which is actually my favourite tea.) Assam is an Indian tea which I usually have with a dash of milk and a teaspoon of honey. However I found the Assam Bari milder than my usual brand and it was delicious with just milk.

Green Keemun Congou This is a rare tea from Anhui in China. I am a huge green tea lover and and have been using this tea in the morning to give me a natural source of energy.

Exotic Coconut This was by far my favourite of the flavours. I LOVE anything coconut flavoured, the tea has a lovely aroma when you open the bag and it tastes gorgeous. No need to add anything whatsoever.IMG_20160324_202646

The bags can be used 2 to 3 times without losing any of the flavour, so great value for money if you are a brew lover like me.

The bags are available to buy on their website as well as various tea accessories.

I’m looking forward to trying their wellbeing range of teas too.



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