Vegetarian & Vegan Recipe Launch


I was a vegetarian for 5 years at one point and I sometimes find myself craving vegetarian food mainly in the summer for some reason. Also, I want to make my recipes available for everyone regardless of any special dietary requirements that you may have. So I’ll be adding more vegetarian and vegan recipes to my blog. I’ve been testing this over on my Instagram and have found that my meat-free food pics get far more ‘likes’ from my followers, so I have decided to listen you guys.

First up is a delicious Chickpea & Coconut Curry . What’s good about this recipe is that it uses frozen cauliflower which is no more than £1 for a kg bag, and tinned tomatoes/chickpeas are always on offer. I picked my tins up for 25p each at Sainsburys this week. This recipe goes a long way, so perfect if you are on a budget.

I hope you enjoy!

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