{AD} Boosting My Immunity And Energy Levels With Higher Nature

With lockdown restrictions easing I have been really anxious about my immunity, especially with working from home and looking after a young baby. I really can’t afford to get sick with no childcare available to help. Usually I would make a smoothie in the morning with added supergreen powders or vitamin powders but at the moment time is a luxury which I don’t have, so I have been trying out an alternative.

Higher Nature was founded 25 years ago by nutritionists Celia and Brian Wright to develop vitamins and supplements based on the latest scientific research.

They have recently launched two new effervescent tablet products, which you simply add water to for a boost ‘on the go.’ Now to be honest I am awful at remembering to keep hydrated in the morning, so knowing that my morning glass of water is adding a boost to my health is a big selling point for me, and a good motivation to swap my morning coffee for an effervescent.

The ‘Immune’ Effervescent

The Immune Effervescent is a natural, elderberry flavoured effervescent tablet, which you simply dissolve in water to create a drink. I have tried effervescent tablets before but they always seem to be orange flavoured and not the best tasting. I loved the flavour of this, it was quite a neutral berry flavour without being too medicinal. Don’t get me wrong you can tell that it’s a vitamin drink but it was easy to drink. These can be taken daily or just when you need a boost/feeling run down.

The effervescent tablets are for adults and children over 11 years and contains vitamin c, zinc and a high-strength active form of vitamin D3, to support your immune system. They are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The ‘Energy & Focus’ Effervescent

Energy and Focus helps reduce tiredness and boost energy levels. As you’ll know from my previous post I have found myself needing an energy and focus boost since having Harlow. She sleeps well at night but balancing motherhood, housework and working from home has taken its toll on my energy levels, and and my diet isn’t as nutritious as it once was. Most of the time I find myself reaching for easy to grab snacks- I’m sure other busy mums, students and shift workers can relate. When your focus goes you get brain fog and it affects your creativity. Sometimes I feel like I can’t string a sentence together.

The effervescent tablets contain vitamin B5, vitamins B3, B6 and B12, choline, arginine, acetyl-l-carnitine and theanine, and gently dissolve to make a refreshing lemon and lime flavoured drink (my favourite). I always go through stages of lacking in B vitamins, which isn’t  great for me as it affects me in so many ways such as migraines and general mood. These are for suitable adults and children over 13 years and are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, so really handy for anyone taking exams at high school/college too and a much better alternative to sugary energy drinks.


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