Are Insecurities Getting You Down? Common Issues And Steps To Rise Above

January is often a tale of two sides of the story, wouldn’t you agree? You have the people that embrace it. The ones that really enjoy the scent of a fresh start ahead. They make new year’s resolutions, they make plans, and they feel full of inspiration and motivation to get them done. These people may plan their whole year, they may just focus on kick starting January as they mean to go on. But then you have the other side of the story. The people that put too much pressure on themselves to make impossible changes too quickly. The people who feel overwhelmed by January and instead want to hide away until spring.

The truth is, whether you feel motivated and inspired, or pressured and overwhelmed, the one thing these two sides of the coin have in common is the fact that you can feel insecure about different aspects of your life. So much so that even the most motivated amongst us can fall at the hurdle of a personal insecurity. However, surely there must be a way to combat these insecurities for good? I wanted to share with you some of the common issues both men and women can face, and provide you with some ideas on how you can overcome them. Whether you share some or all of these things, I hope that this inspires you to make positive changes in your life and move forward healthy and happy.

Not succeeding in the workplace

Did you know that many people find it hard to overcome fears of not getting ahead in the workplace? Success means different things for some, but commonly it could mean stepping up on the career ladder, taking on new roles or promotionsearning more money or having recognition for the work you do. Whatever floats your boat in this area, it is understandable that you can often feel insecure. That perhaps what you are doing isn’t good enough That you should be doing better perhaps, have climbed the career ladder faster than you thought. However, everyone feels overwhelmed at some time or another when it comes to their career. But what you can do is take positive steps to get where you want to be. Maybe taking on more courses, learning new skills, or just being proactive when it comes to showing initiative and having more responsibility. These things could help you get to where you want to be.

Women worrying about things like menopause

Women can struggle with many things, but menopause can be a huge issue. The hot flushes, the changes, it is understandable that menopause can be a worry. However, every women goes through this period of their lives, and so, while it can provide you with insecurities for how you look and feel, it certainly shouldn’t hinder how you go about your life. It is always a good idea to speak to your doctor, especially when the first signs begin to arise. This will help you put your mind at ease as well as ensuring that you feel confident that you are in control. The control element can often be seen as the most important part, and helps you take action and move forward.

What about fertility?

Before menopause there is of course, the worry of fertility, and this can be a cause for concern not just for women but for men also. None of us know how our anatomy is on the insider. Women can struggle with different womb shapes, issues with their ovaries or hormones, etc. Men can struggle with things like a low sperm count. When you are young, thoughts of family and fertility probably don’t worry you at night. But once you settle down and talk goes to family and the future, then you can start to wonder and hope that all things move smoothly. IVF and other treatments are around to help couple in need, and while it can be a huge insecurity, it should be something you remain confident and positive about. 

Men struggling to talk about personal issues they have

Men can often face big insecurities with issues personal to them. Their looks and bodies,, their fertility or issues with things like erectile dysfunction. Even incontinence, which doesn’t just happen for women, it can also happen for men as well. Thankfully, things like lille incontinence pads for men can help them get on the right track and start to feel comfortable and less insecure about it. Of course, of these issues are not discussed. However, if more men talked about feeling things, depression or the areas in life that are worrying them, then perhaps it would become less of a taboo subject.

Being under financial strain

Your finances may have taken a hit during the festive period and it can be hard to feel like you will ever recover. January means that there can be a longer than normal wait until your wages get paid into your bank account once more. People find it hard to know how they are going to pay for their credit card bills, etc. However, people do, and you end up survivingPerhaps by doing things like meal plans, looking at your bills and trying to make saving by switching providers and even just cancelling some of the things you no longer need can help ease the strain. However, again people can feel insecure discussing it, so it is definitely something that requires your action rather than hiding your head in the sand.

A negative mindset can affect many aspects of your life

Finally, a negative mindset can be one of the hardest things you can overcome and it can definitely be an insecurity you face. To be honest, this is because the negative fuels the insecurity in the first place. It can feel like you are stuck in a rut. But you just need to be able to switch that mindset into a more positive one. Proactively forcing your thoughts from negative to positive will feel hard at first, but like anything habits are developed.

I hope that this has been able to shine a light on some of the most common issues all of us can face.



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