Buko Organic Coconut Water Review

DSC_1060Over the last few months I’ve developed a bit of a coconut water addiction, drinking it on a daily basis sometimes 2/3 times a day. I find it extremely hydrating especially during long shifts at work. I also have a glass before bed to keep me hydrated through the night and to prevent waking up with headaches and migraines. As It contains magnesium which is an anti-stress mineral it’s a great drink to have before bed to relax the muscles and prevent anxiety-related sleep problems.

This week I was sent a box of Buko coconut water to try. The name comes from the word that the locals in the Philippines call their young green coconuts. They are grown without pesticides or fertilizers in GMO free farms.  And every bottle of Organic Buko purchased saves one square metre of rainforest. So if you care about the enviroment and ethical products then this is a great choice.

The taste as with other brands is refreshing however unlike some brands who add fructose, Buko add no sugar or sweetener to their drink, preferring to use natural occuring sugar from the coconut. This gives it a purer taste and has seen it become popular with sports professionals including rugby pro’s such as England’s Lewis Moody and the Saracens squad.

“Buko coconut water has become an integral part of our players daily nutrition intake.” – George Morgan, Saracens RFC Sports Nutritionist.

Containing naturally occuring calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium, Buko has all the benefits of a sports drink but without the refined sugar so is a great recovery drink for sports professionals or anyone training.

 It makes a great smoothie too! I used a silicone ice cube tray to make 10 cubes with my Buko water. I then added 5 of the frozen cubes to my Nutribullet with 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and the remainder of the coconut water and blizted until smooth. Seriously delicious!

Since my partner plays rugby and Lewis Moody is his favourite player I have a feeling Buko Organic will be a regular addition to our house! 😃

You can find out more at www.organicbuko.com


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