Busy Morning Breakfast Hacks With Nutribuddy Breakfast

Nutribuddy Breakfast

I’m not sure about anyone else but I can’t leave the house with something in my stomach, I have always been a oats girl. Hot porridge during the colder months and overnight oats during the warmer months. Over the last few weeks my mornings have started earlier and it has meant that I have prioritised a little longer in bed instead of making a warm breakfast and substituted it with Nutribuddy

As you know I am a big fan of their range and their ethos, especially since all their products are plant-based and great quality. So for the last 2 weeks I have been starting my day with their fantastic strawberry breakfast meal replacement mixed with 400ml plant-based milk.

Nutribuddy Breakfast Ingredients (Strawberry flavour

  • Gluten-free oats
  • Ground flaxseeds
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Chia seeds
  • Beetroot Powder
  • Stevia

As you can see the ingredients are all natural and also sugar-free and a 30g serving is only 126kcal plus any milk which you choose to add. Ingredients such as the chia seeds and flaxseeds are a great plant-based source of calcium, fibre and omega 3. The oats add a source of slow-releasing energy so you’re off to a great start with a breakfast which only takes a few minutes to prep.

You can also purchase a glass jar (£2.99) to store your breakfast mix in which is a great sustainable addition which looks cute on my kitchen shelf! wise the strawberry flavour is subtle which is a lovely change from the artifical strawberry flavourings that I have tried in the past. The coconut flavour comes through perfectly too meaning that this tastes great even with unsweetened almond or soya milk.

Nutribuddy Breakfast

Overall another delicious addition to the Nutribuddy range. I can’t wait to try the other flavours:

  • Strawberry with matcha green tea
  • Vanilla with matcha green tea
  • Vanilla with crunchy flaxseeds & coconut flakes
  • Chocolate with crunchy flaxseeds & coconut flakes
  • Naked unsweetened with crunchy flaxseeds & coconut flakes

A 14-day supply is only £12.99 and you can also purchase a nutrient booster to pimp your breakfast up more.

Which flavour would you choose?

*I was gifted a 14-day supply as part of an ongoing collaboration with Nutribuddy*

*This post includes an affiliate link, when doesn’t affect your purchase but means I earn commission on purchases*


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