Gut Health: Introducing VSL#3

Gut issues is something which many of us suffer from and it is something which is of great interest to me. I’ve always had stress-induced IBS and was diagnosed with a lactose intolerance two years ago. So when I have a flare up of one or both it can cause great discomfort. I’ve learned to control it by reducing my dairy intake. I would say I’m around 90% dairy-free as I seem to be able to tolerate cheese but dairy milk or yoghurts. For two years I’ve been taking lactase tablets if I am going out for a meal or if I am going to an event where I might be served dairy.

I’ve also learned to control my diet and include gut healthy food like sauerkraut to my diet.

Going back to supplements I have just started a month long course of VSL#3, which is the world’s most concentrated poly-biotic1 with 450 billion bacteria in every sachet, and even better, these bacteria come from not one but eight different bacterial strains, making it a combination poly-biotic.2. 

VSL#3 claims to:

  • Control the lining of the gut from pathogens
  • Help you digest food, allowing you to utilise the energy from food and absorb nutrients
  • Compete for space and nutrition with harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, thus preventing their numbers getting too high and consequently causing illness

I had my first sachet today which I simply stirred in to a glass of cold water. Unlike many supplements there isn’t really a taste to the sachet so it’s easy to add to non-fizzy drinks or sprinkled on yoghurts, porridge or cereal.

I’m looking forward to seeing some positive changes in my gut and will post an update in 2 weeks time.

If you are suffering with any gut health please make sure to visit a Dietician or your GP who will recommend steps to take.

*Collaborative Post

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