How To Protect Your Eyes During Winter

Winter is just around the corner and the change in season can affect your body in different ways, mostly leaving you feeling less energized than normal. But did you know that the colder months can also affect your eyes? From the glaring winter sun to the gusts of wind and cooler temperatures, taking care of your eyesight throughout winter is just as important as looking after your peepers throughout the rest of the year. The lack of daylight during this time doesn’t help either, as the home can often be dingy so remember to keep the room well lit to avoid straining your eyes. Here’s how you can take extra care to protect your eyes this winter. 

Keep wearing sunglasses

Some people think that once summer has been and gone, you can pack away your sunglasses. However, the sun is much lower during the winter months and can end up causing some serious damage to your eyes. The winter sun is much more intense and can cause your eyes to feel irritated. A good tip is to make sure you always have a pair of sunglasses with UV protection with you. If you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, choose here

Use eye drops

Some winter days can be bitterly cold, as well as bringing gusts of wind. This can leave your eyes feeling dry and irritated, as often the wind can blow little bits of debris into your eyes which is extremely uncomfortable. Then you head indoors where the central heating is on and the air inside can dry your eyes out too. A good tip to prevent your eyes from drying out and becoming irritated is to use eye drops which will help your eyes stay moist. Remember to drink plenty of water as this will also help your eyes and body stay hydrated and help reduce puffy eyes.

Less screen time

If you spend a lot of time on your computer or your phone, you may notice your eyes feeling tired and heavy. We tend to spend a lot of time on our phones and computers anyway, but during the winter months when we’re at home more, we typically pass the time either by watching TV, scrolling through our phones, or just browsing online. When we concentrate on tasks like these, we don’t blink as much as we should, which can also dry your eyes out. Try to cut down on your screen time this winter. Your eyes will feel less tired, dry, and irritated. 

Wear less eye makeup

Did you know that makeup like eyeshadow powder and mascara can often trigger dry eyes

During the winter there are usually a lot more events happening like Christmas get-togethers where we wear more eye makeup than usual. Remember to check the products you use haven’t expired, and maybe consider choosing a cream eyeshadow instead of a powered one. Don’t forget to clean makeup brushes before applying makeup to avoid eye infections. 

Follow these eye care tips this winter to protect your eyes and to avoid them from feeling dry, irritated, and tired. 

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