Renew And Refresh – Taking Control Of Your Life After Rehab

Life after detox can be tough, and sometimes seems overwhelming but what can you do to rebuild and refresh the world you live in and move forward with positivity. After all, for such a long time your life has entirely centred around a destructive substance, be that drugs or alcohol. When you need to rebuild from the ground up, it can be challenging to comprehend how or,  indeed, where to start.

I have put together a starting point to reassure you that this opportunity is well within your grasp.

How to Fix Your Working Relationships

Your job performance may well have suffered while being substance dependent. Focusing on your work can provide you with a restored sense of self-worth and is a positive way of filling your time.

It is crucial to note though that working too long and becoming a workaholic is not good for your either, making it very easy to exhaust yourself and add enough stress to push you to turn back to your old ways to cope.

Finding Work While Recovering

If you need to find work, you may well be intimidated by the thought of trying to do this after the safety net of rehabilitation. But there is less to be concerned about than you may think. Remember employers are now not allowed to question whether an applicant has ever had an issue with substances or attended rehab because of a use disorder.  Do bear in mind, however; an employer does have the right to retract any offer of employment following a positive drug screening, so sobriety is vital.

Finding Yourself In Others

Getting yourself involved with organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or other such regular meetings may provide you with a real sense of community. You will avoid feeling as if no one understands you and will meet others struggling with the same issues as you who may be able to offer insight into how they have coped.

Ending Befriending

The question of whether or not you should rid yourself of friends who still use is one that is ultimately your decision. Only you know whether or not it may be in your best interest to associate with others who maintain their habit. It is a proven fact, however, that a massive third of those in rehabilitation will relapse because of peer pressure.

Repairing Relationships

When you have experienced a substance use dysfunction, all of your relationships, whether they are romantic or otherwise,  will have been affected negatively. Do consider involving your nearest and dearest in your treatment, as research has proved that the treatment itself can be more successful when you do as well as helping to repair the trust in the relationship.

Living Well

Once you enter recovery, it may well benefit you to try moving into a sober living situation. Research has indicated people who live in such an environment for a sustained period, noted more significant participation in education, more productive working days, and more active days taking necessary medications. Studies proved that the better your life in rehabilitation is, you are far less likely to relapse. Places such as Ana Treatment Centres offer support during and after the process.

It’s important to remember that although life beyond any addiction can be difficult and challenging, you can move ahead with renewed determination and be ready live the rest of your life with a positive and resolute attitude.

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