Roots Collective Review

One of my favourite drinks is smoothies, however one thing that can sometimes put me off is the high sugar content (natural sugar included) so I like to make my own with some vegetable ingredients added to keep the sugar levels low.

With this in mind, Roots Collective sent me their range of whole vegetable blends which aims to encourage people to get vegetable goodness into their daily lives as easily as possible.

I was sent, Garden Greens, Carrot Zing, Asian Sling, Sweet Beets and Green Warrior.

The blend

  • Over 80% vegetables and no added sugar.
  • Cold pressed
  • Less than 127 kcals per bottle
  • Dairy Free and Gluten Free
  • 1 of your 5 a day

The blends are also versatile and can be enjoyed fresh out of the bottle or heated up and used as an ingredient in cooking. The green blends are perfect heated up and eaten as a soup. My favourite was Garden Greens which tastes lovely with the addition of mint.

For the sweeter blends like Sweet Beets you can do what I did and make it in to a smoothie bowl. I added some dairy free plain yoghurt with coconut and topped with desiccated coconut. This gives you a delicious colourful bowl of goodness.

I was really impressed with the blends and with the new guidelines saying we should be having 10-a-day of fruit and vegetables this is a fuss-free way of adding 1-a-day to your diet.

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