Organising My 2017 Goals With Bidvine


Living in a big city can sometimes be stressful when you’re looking for a particular service. The variety of choices mean you can end up spending hours on search engines and review sites. Wouldn’t it be easier if it was all under one simple app?

One of my new year’s goals is to focus more on my fitness and I’ve been trying to do research on what’s available near me by using an app called Bidvine. The app connects you to local services in your area, including personal trainers, yoga teachers and nutritionists. It’s really simple to navigate and you add your details and goals or services if you are looking for anything non-fitness to the app and then you wait for responses. I did a request for a personal trainer in Manchester. I got a notification saying when I should expect bids, but the actual responses came through to me a day earlier, which was impressive. As I’m not London-based I wasn’t sure what would actually be available near me.


What services are available? There are a wide range of services such as, photography, domestic cleaners and plumbers. If you have kids you can find tutors and swimming lessons. And you can even book professionals if you are wedding planning.  Bidvine aim to make life less stressful so you can focus your time on more important things.

Who is it for? The app is suitable for everyone. For example if you are a student moving into a new flat or moving out you can access a one-off domestic cleaner. If you want guitar lessons that’s available too. And if you are busy parent who wants to hire a tutor or a nutritionist for some help on improving your families health then that’s there too. It’s very convienient having it all under one simple app. It is especially handy for busy professionals too.

How quickly will I receive a bid? This depends on where you are based. Expect a quick response if you are in London, and more choice. However I received a few bids within 48 hours from personal trainers, which was quicker than I expected. Once you receive the bids you can then choose whether you want to hire any of them.

Being a busy working mum this is ideal for me because I can log in, request the services I need and sit back, relax and wait for the bids. The app does all the work for me and it says me time on the hours I would normally spend on the internet or on the phone calling various companies.


3 thoughts on “Organising My 2017 Goals With Bidvine

  1. Sounds like an intresting app especially when you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to contact everyone. Love the idea of waiting for people to contact me instead. Might try this out and get myself fit in 2017!

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