VSL#3- My One Year Journey

It is fastly appraching one whole year since I decided to take charge of my gut health and educate myself on the topic. Even though I had previously worked for health companies and done various courses, my knowledge in this area wasn’t great. So I started following qualified medicial professionals on social media like The Gut Health Dr (Dr Megan Rossi). I wanted evidence-based advice on gut issues, which I could incorporate easily into my lifestyle.

I had suffered from gut issues for years, ranging from IBS, to physical symptoms of anxiety like tummy pain and upset tummy. I would start probiotics and then stop after not having any success. I would buy probiotic yoghurts and drinks and tried every diet going.

One probiotic which the medical professionals that I followed kept mentioning was VSL#3. I did some research and read studies reviewing it against the leading brands, at the same time I had just been diagnosed with the stomach infection, helicobacter pylori (H.pylori). I had spent weeks struggling to do the nursery school run with stomach pain and extreme fatigue, I knew I had to do something. My Dr suggested a stool sample and blood tests and I was later diagnosed with H.pylori and swiftly put on two lots of antibiotics and medicine to reduce the stomach acid. Antibiotics strip both the good and bad bacteria from the gut, so with this in mind I started VSL#3 at the same time.

Over the course of the year I’ve noticed a big change in my gut health, due to sticking to my regular probiotic (I find VSL#3 really easy to take first thing in the morning) and avoiding triggers. The stomach pain side of the IBS doesn’t bother me at all, and I find that although I do still get an upset tummy it is only when I am anxious about something and goes away as quickly as it came.

I have had breaks of the probiotic, when I’ve been unwell or simply forget and I soon notice a drop in energy levels and my gut health.

Gut health is complicated and as it’s the latest buzz word in health there are loads of new products on the market offering claims which simply aren’t scientifically proven. This why I spent months reading articles, looking at studies and reading reviews before giving VSL#3 a try.

As a health blogger, it’s important for me to share my journey and what works for me. VSL#3 although pricier than other brands is one which I have complete confidence and trust in, and trust me I have pretty much tried every probiotic going.

I highly recommend reading about the product for yourself and giving it a try. Their website offers a source of reading material and advice for various conditions like IBS and Crohns too.

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