3 Practical Ways To Elevate Comfort In The Home

Our homes are nothing without that comfy sofa, nothing without a soft bed and nothing without somewhere nice to sit out in the garden. Which is why I thought it would be great to take a look at the latest ways in which home interior design is changing with regard to comfort. Now, this is where it might be tricky to lay your hat on the rack, because this rack has legs! Comfort is not subjective to any particular style, every style has some kind of comfort etched into it. So which kind is best for you? It depends if you value form over the practical elements of the style. But I’m just going to look at the practical side only.

Linen sofa

Leather is very popular among homeowners because it’s so easy to maintain and it just gives the living room a nice sophisticated look. However, it’s not very practical is it? When it’s gets hot in the summer, you sweat even more on the sofa. It’s sweaty, sticky and it stinks. When it’s cold you would rather sit on the floor than rest yourself on the cold hard lifeless sofa. This is why linen has become a very good option because it’s airy, stretchy and soft. Linen sofa cushion covers should be one of you first ports of call. It will be something you won’t regret investing in as linen is a very strong and durable material, maybe even more so than cotton. 

A soft bed

When you see a new advert for a new bed, it’s like you are watching someone trying to reinvent the wheel. But look a little deeper and you’ll see that yes, even the bed can be and does get innovated and improved. This may be seen at Best Divan Beds whereby they have full bed sets for about £100. But their fancy range has a very luxurious design, whereby it has 3000 pocket springs latex mattresses. These don’t have those old-fashioned springs which stick in your back when you roll over in the middle of the night. 

 Patio chair

Contrary to what you may have seen, there are other options besides the usual rattan and adirondack chairs for the patio.; for one, you have the tufted outdoor patio chair which is incredibly soft and great for all weathers. The chair is made out of wicker but it has a high cushion design so the chair provides structure to the cushions. It’s not just something you can pull out and put any old cushion on. The swooping armrests are better than square designs because they allow the hands to hang naturally and they don’t push your shoulders up when you sit down or lie back for supreme comfort.

If you don’t want to compromise on comfort, these 3 practical items should give you something to think about. Be more creative and adventurous in your material choices, by giving linen a go. Let me know if you chose any of them!

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