Design Ideas For A Funky Toddler Room

As Amber is almost 4 she is becoming much more confident and independent. She also has my art bug and her dads craft bug, so we have been working together to turn her bedroom into more of a girls bedroom rather than a toddler one. So gone is the toddler bed, which was an extension of her cot bed. And in it’s place is a large pine single bed and matching chest of drawers. At the moment we are sticking to the colourful theme of pinks and purples, however as her carpet is grey I think grey and yellow would look lovely. I’ve been relying loads on Pinterest for ideas and websites such as Simply Plastics which sell a range of DIY products including this perspex sheet which I want to use to top some shelves. Amber has a large collection of books, so I want to have an organised space for them. I think it would be quite good to have a little reading corner with lots of cushions or a few bean bags, which can also be used as a relaxing space.

It’s easy for kids bedrooms to become cluttered with the endless amounts of toys and books and I know that a cluttered space gives me a bit of a cluttered mind, and I’m sure it’s the same for kids.

I don’t have much experience in interior design or DIY, so this is quite an exciting project for me and it’s always good seeing your ideas come together and seeing the smile on your kids face at the end of it.

Do you have any space saving or budget decorating ideas? I’d love to read them.


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