Kiddie Investment: Promoting Healthy Habits For The Future

If only kiddie investing was a thing. Then they could stop mooching off you and support themselves!

Parents take on the responsibility of their children’s lives. As a mum, it’s essential that their needs come first until they can walk the walk alone. In short, you’re a role model and without a doubt, have a major impact on their upbringing.

Instead of seeing this as a huge responsibility, take it as an opportunity. Every parent wants their children to be better, whether it’s in their career or their lifestyle. With that in mind, here’s how to promote healthy habits for the future.

Never Miss Breakfast

Surely there are more important habits to encourage? Maybe there are, but there is an argument that breakfast is the main one. To begin with, it’s the most important meal of the day. And, well, that’s it! As the name suggests, it’s a necessary injection of fuel after a period of fasting. During sleep, the body recharges and uses nutrients to fix internal problems. So, when we get up, we need a boost of energy. Kids are especially liable to this rule because their attention spans are short. Eating a healthy breakfast may turn them into better students and less demanding little dictators.

Cook From Scratch

B.F Skinner developed the Imitation Model of child language. He theorised that kids copied their behaviour by taking in everything in their environment. Whether this is 100% true, it’s certain that children are like parrots. Say anything in front of them and they’ll regurgitate in seconds. The same applies to their lifestyle habits. Therefore, if you prepare meals by throwing a dish in a microwave and pressing “start,” they’ll do the same. Processed foods can be unhealthy so cooking from scratch should encourage tasty, home-cooked meals.

Don’t Just Talk The Talk

It’s easy to say things and never follow through. It’s called being a hypocrite and we are all one to some degree. Yes, parents have a certain amount of licence in this regard, but it’s important for everyone to be in the same boat for moral reasons. Otherwise, your children will reject the teachings. With this in mind, try and knock any habits on the head that are dangerous. Do you smoke? If the answer is yes, you can buy e-cigs online and quit. As a rule, try and be the role model and lead by example instead of saying and never doing.

Encourage Sweet Dreams

Sleep is essential, yet kids hate getting their head down. The only way to ensure they get enough Zs is to create a routine. That way, their bodies will automatically make them tired. But, you may want to teach them other customs too. For example, limit their electronic time before bed. Gadgets give off radio waves that impact sleep quality. The hope is that this behaviour will last with them for a long time so that they are never tired.

Any there any more that you think is important for children?

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