Organix Puffcorn Review


As a family we love movie days and Sunday morning cinema trips, but I’m forever frustrated at the lack of healthier popcorn for kids. As Amber is only a toddler I like to control how much salt and sugar she consumes and the amounts in shop bought and cinema popcorn is very high.

Organix contacted me to try their new Puffcorn range, which is a healthier bite size alternative to popcorn. It contains no hard kernals and made only from corn and rice. For flavouring, real fruit juice and spice is used, they are then baked until crispy.

I was sent both flavours, banana- which is coated with banana juice and cinnamon which is coated with apple juice and cinnamon.


The cinnamon flavour was the hands down favourite for taste and a great lunch time snack in place of crisps. Amber has absolutely loved the puffcorns. The flavours are nice and subtle so they’ll be popular even for the fussy eaters.

As I mentioned earlier we love the cinema, and Organix have shared some tips for little ones first cinema trip.

Organix Goodies top tips for your little one’s first cinema trip

  • Give your little one the heads up of what to expect – the cinema can be intimidating with a big screen and loud noises.  Be sure to let them know that the lights will dim (especially if they’re afraid of the dark).
  • Choose a child-friendly movie – animations are great, but so are shorter, slower-paced films with a simple storyline.
  • Opt for a child-friendly show time – the cinema’s first screening of the day or a matinee is ideal.  There’ll probably be lots of other children there, so it won’t matter if they’re chatty and ask lots of questions throughout the film!
  • Grab a booster seat – many cinemas offer them, your little one will enjoy it more and it’ll help keep them off your lap!
  • Take your own tasty snacks in with you – Organix Goodies Puffcorn is a no junk, safe alternative to popcorn for toddlers (mums and dads will love it too!), and a snack will help if your little one gets a little restless or bored!
  • Don’t be afraid to leave – if your little one is over-whelmed by the experience, it’s fine to step out for a while or leave.   And don’t be put off, there’s always next time!

The puffcorn comes in single flavour multipacks (4 pack) and are RRP:£1.99, they will be available in stores this month. For more healthy snacks and healthy recipe ideas visit

Disclaimer: This post contains products which were sent to me in return for an honest review.


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