10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

Can you believe that we are one year into lockdown? At the start of lockdown I was that person who signed up to every course, set alarms for the various online fitness classes and had a rigid homeschooling timetable. However it’s fair to say that one year on the motivation has slowly disappeared. There is nothing wrong with that but when you have kids you feel a constant pressure to keep them busy and not glued to the screen. So here are some activities to inspire creativity and cure the lockdown boredom. These activities have kept me busy during lockdown and also ones which I will continue to do once life is back to normal here in the UK.

10 Lockdown Activities To Inspire Creativity

  1. Design your own vision board. This is one of my favourite activities as it can be so personal to you, and something which you can do with kids. All you need is paper or card, some old magazines, a glue stick, scissors and some pens. You simply pick a theme like health, money-saving. interiors or a particular goal that you might have in mind.
  2. Start a blog. Starting a blog is relatively easy and cheap to do and a good way to brush up on your writing skills. You could write about your year in lockdown or your favourite hobby.
  3. Do an online cookery class. I’m sure that we are all bored of our own cooking at this point, so an online cookery class is a great way to inspire you to create some new restaurant quality recipes for your family. You can then take turns with friends to cook each of your new found recipes over Zoom.
  4. Make your own scrapbook. We all have old photos stuck at the back of our cupboards, so put them to good use by designing a scrapbook. I love putting mine in order of year and adding captions. This is also something which kids will love and is something to keep forever in your memory box.
  5. Do an online drawing tutorial. This is something which I came across online whilst doing an art project with my daughter, and something which we both enjoyed. Our favourite theme was rainforest animals as you can be more creative with colours.
  6. Design your own tattoo. It’s been 4 years since my last tattoo and I am very tempted to have another one done this year. tattoo fonts online have some unique fonts which could work if you wanted to have a tattoo of a loved one designed. These fonts can also be used for signage or if you are starting your business and need to design a logo.
  7. Mindfulness walk. I find that when I am having a writers block or struggling with creativity, that taking myself away from my screen and out for a walk really helps. It’s best to avoid distractions like your phone, headphones etc and just soak in your surroundings to allow your mind to think. I love doing this in the middle of the day as I find that it resets my day, especially if I have had a stressful morning.
  8. Adult colouring in. I love more complex colouring in books or ones which have a mindfulness theme to them. It gives you a point of focus, especially if you’re feeling distracted or anxious and makes you think about which colours make you feel more relaxed and mindful.
  9. Daily affirmations. All you need for this are post-it notes and a pen. I love writing daily affirmations and drawing some pictures related to that affirmation. They can be placed around your workspace or on your mirror to keep you motivated throughout the day.
  10. Dancing. My daughter and I are obsessed with finding the latest dance trend online and then adding our own moves to them to make it more fun. With this in mind you could take up an online dance class or choose a dance style to learn every week.

As you can see I have kept the list as varied as possible and most of these activities don’t require a lot of time to do, they are also easily adaptable depending on your personal tastes. Another activity I would add is journaling. This is a daily practice for me, especially at bedtime and it allows me to go to bed with a clear head, leaving space to think about what I want to achieve the next day. I do mine in the form of a gratitude journal.

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