10 Things I Wish I Could Tell 20-Year-Old Me

Now that I’m a few years into my 30’s I keep finding myself looking back at decisions I’ve made over the last 10 years and the time I wasted worrying about things which weren’t really that important. So here are the 10 things I wish I could go back and tell my 20-year-old self.

1. Trust your gut instinct. You might be young and lack life experience, but always trust your gut when it comes to making important decisions.

2. A small circle is more valuable than a squad. It’s fun having a large group of friends to call up on the weekend for cocktails and Saturday nights at Tiger Tiger but are you happy? Are these friendships genuine? Once you get into your 30’s your circle will consist of a smaller, more trusting group.

3. Surround yourself will people who will take you higher. Surround yourself with the go-getters, the motivated people who bring out your best qualities and who inspire you to be your best self.

4. No regrets. Never regret past relationships, you’re young and learning about what sort of partner you want to settle down with. Date different personalities and be open-minded.

5. Save, save, save. Everything is more expensive now and it’s harder to get on the property ladder. Save as much as you can and make money saving savvy choices when shopping.

6. Travel more. You have all the freedom in the world, no kids or mortgage. Travel and embrace new cultures.

7. Don’t lose your sass! Your confidence is your strength, you’re young and carefree, there will be people who will try to knock you down and test you. But don’t allow this to change who you are. You will come across bullies and it’s important to be strong enough to not let them affect you.

8. Self development. Read 10 pages of any book a day, sign up to free courses and practice mindfulness. This will come in handy later on in life.

9. Drama creates drama. Distance yourself from people who create drama, you don’t need to be around negative people. Never be afraid to walk away from people who aren’t bringing positive vibes into your life.

10. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Lastly, have fun! Enjoy the parties, the dating and the hungover Sundays watching Gossip Girl re-runs.

Latoya x

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