2017 Goals And Why I’m Bringing Meditation and Mindfulness Into My Life


I’ve never really been that girl who has a list of New Year’s resolutions every year as I hate not achieving goals that I have set myself. So this year I am keeping it simple. I want to focus more time on my blog and introduce a YouTube vlog. I’m also going to be adding more parenting content to my blog in the form of kids nutrition and kid friendly recipes. It’s something which you guys have requested, and it’s my passion. I’m not a Nutritionist or a Dietician, but I am a mum to a healthy little girl with a very healthy appetite and I want to share my tips as a working mum on how to juggle life while remaining sane!


Also, over the last few months I have started practising mindfulness and have been attending meditation classes at the Kadampa meditation centre in town. I want to make a big effort to take time for myself, learn to unwind and not be so anxious. I am hoping to attend a buddhism weekend in the Lake District in Spring and having a night away in a hotel every 3 months. I also want to commit to reading a new book every month.



I know it sounds very simple and not the standard weight loss or new year, new me resolution but happiness is something which I want to make a priority this year.

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