{AD-Gifted} Rediscovering My Favourite Jane Austen Novels

Something that I love doing on a Sunday is relaxing with a book and a few cups of tea. I think it’s so important to have that one day a week where I can really take time out to relax. I grew up on Jane Austen’s novels and I find that they are the perfect read for a relaxing Sunday. Thankfully Victoria Mae Designs have a beautiful Jane Austen tea gift set which would go perfectly with one of her novels for a fellow Jane Austen fan like me. The quotes are lovely and it would make a really unique gift.

Sense and Sensibility has always been my favourite novel of hers, in fact it was the one which first got me into a genuine love of reading and the one that I always go back to.

As well as a good read and a cup of tea on Sunday, I love setting time aside to have a bath with a bath bomb or bath salts followed by a home pamper. Getting into a weekly habit of reading your favourite novel is a good idea if you are too busy to fit in daily reading. Reading is also a fabulous way to de-stress and can help improve focus and concentration levels.

You’ll already know from my previous posts that Victoria Mae Designs has a range of other unique tea sets too, so if your loved one isn’t a Jane Austen fan then there is bound to be another tea set on there that will be the perfect choice.

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