{AD} Keeping the kids entertained over the holidays with Roblox Miraculous

My 10-year-old daughter is a big Roblox fan and has been for years. It is one of her favourite ways to spend time with her friends after school and over the weekend.

Both my kids are also big fans of the Disney+ TV show, Miraculous, so we were excited to hear that Roblox and Miraculous had collaborated this Christmas with the Official Miraculous™ RP in what has recently been awarded the Best Roblox Game of 2023, receiving recognition from Pocket Gamer.


Official Miraculous™ RP: Quests of Ladybug & Cat Noir takes you into Miraculous Paris where you can play as characters from the show, hang out with friends, explore the city, play mini-games!

My daughter loved that there are lots of Miraculous avatars to choose from and the fact that you can also make your own one. There are a wide variety of mini-games and she described everything in the game to be very detailed, bright and colourful. She also loved the split image of Miraculous and thoroughly enjoyed playing the game.

I am always concerned about what my daughter has access to online, but I have always found Roblox to be safe. I regularly check who my daughter is playing with, and we have strict boundaries around any online game. She loves the roleplay aspect and the fact that she can chat to her friends in the chat function while playing together.

I am still getting my head around Roblox, but it’s always fun to play alongside my daughter while I learn the ropes!

I would highly recommend this as a pastime for the kids to keep them busy over the weekend.

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