Finding my perfect coffee maker with Nespresso


When it comes to hot drinks I am definitely team coffee. Funnily enough I had a strong dislike for coffee until a few years ago. And now that I’m working in the city I find myself spending a fortune at coffee shops and have become a bit of a coffee snob. So much so that I have ventured away from instant coffee at home preferring to use a cafetiere. However over the last few months I have been looking to invest in a coffee machine and reading loads and loads of coffee machine reviews. The one that stands out for me is the Krups Pixie Nespresso Machine In Electric Red. It sounds and looks compact which is good for me as my kitchen is overflowing with kitchen gadgets. I also have a Nutribullet in red, so I think the electric red coffee machine will compliment that too. Also I’ve heard that the pods are really affordable, so hopefully I’ll be saving money by taking fresh coffee in a flask to work rather than heading to coffee shops a few times a week.

What’s your favourite coffee machine? And has anyone got the Krups Pixie Nespresso Machine?

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