The Blogger Interview

I was recently tagged by fellow blogger lovingmyfinley to take part in the Blogger Interview. So here it goes..

Question One: How did you get into blogging?! I had some complications during my pregnancy and decided to do some research in to developing a healthier lifestyle. I also wanted to learn about kids nutrition in order to raise a healthy child. I was inspired by health food bloggers like Nics Nutrition and Zanna van Dijk and decided to start a blog sharing recipes and health tips.

Question Two: What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?! Don’t follow the crowd, it’s so easy to be sucked in by Instagram bloggers especially when it comes to fitness blogging and there’s a lot of unhealthy lifestyles which are being promoted, i.e very low-calorie diets. On the flip side Instagram can be beneficial and there some fantastic bloggers on there. Follow accounts that interest you, join a local online bloggers group so you can meet likeminded people and contact local shopping malls to be added to their blogger lists. Be active on social media 24/7.

Question Three: How has your blog changed since you got it?! Initially my blog was called Eltie Nutrition and focused just on healthy recipes. Having ‘nutrition’ in the title felt very limited to the content I could add to my blog. And I was being invited to more non food events like a Scott Disick event and a Body Shop event which would look out of place on my original blog. So I decided to start a new blog called ‘Pure Nourish’ which would be a food & lifestyle blog. Nourish to be means anything can makes me happy, healthy and general mindfulness. So my new blog focuses on all these. I have also registered Pure Nourish as a business.

Question Four: What would be your dream campaign?! Hipp Organic and Organix have been great to work with as they promote a healthy lifestyle for kids. My plan is to do more work with Organix this year and contribute some recipes to their website. My dream campaign would involve Lush or Marks and Spencer.

Question Five: What advice would you give to PR’s wanting to approach you for a campaign?! Honesty in regards to budget and good communication 🙂

Question Six: Do you have a plan for your blog?! My blog is still fairly new, so my immediate plans are to improve my DA (Domain Authority), continue to attend more events in Manchester/Liverpool and make contacts. There’s a few things in the pipeline but I am taking everything one day at a time.

Question Seven: What do you think about rankings?! I’ve been offered some great campaigns with a low ranking already and I personally think that although being SEO savvy is important and something I want to improve on, brands will work with you if your blog fits their criteria and if you have a good personal connection. I’ve got a great relationship with Dr Zaks who are one of the biggest fitness nutrition brands in the country and who have supported my journey from the start, it’s so important to build good contacts with brands and that can be more beneficial than numbers.

I tag..

Emma- @fitfoodemma

Emma Kirke- @medicinalkitchen

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