Dreamstar Bush Babies, Bringing Toys To Life

Gone are the days when cuddly toys were only for taking to bed. Golden Bear have launched an interactive series called Bush Baby World, which brings toys to life. The webisodes are full of adventures and fantastic songs. They are just over a minute long, so perfect for keeping little ones attention and for parents who don’t want their pre-schoolers to spend hours on their tablets.

When it comes to interactive games, I prefer to limit the time that Amber spends watching You Tube videos and vet anything and everything. However the Bush Baby World videos are perfect and age appropriate. They also offer a wonderful escape for little ones and Amber’s imagination has had her creating different scenarios related to the Bush Babies. Amber loves music and singing, so these webisodes incorporate all of her favourite things.

Have a look for yourself, aren’t these little guys adorable? What are your favourite interactive videos or games for your kids?


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