Is There A Way To Show Our Parents We Care? Here’s How

We can all be guilty of living our lives and just getting on with things. We have careers to thrive in, relationships to enjoy and a family to make memories with. But the one thing we can all be guilty of is forgetting our parents and not showing them how much we care. But time moves so quickly and as each year passes you, and of course, your parents, are getting older to. So is there a way that we can keep our parents involved and show them we care? I wanted to share with you how you can.

Discuss old times

Some of the best ways to show your parents you care is simply by spending time with them, and a great way to get a conversation going is to talk about old times and memories you have. At the same time, talking about yourself and your recent history is good, but why not take the opportunity to ask them about their childhood and what life was like growing up? You might learn a thing or two and it could lift their spirits. We spend so much time communicating via social media and telephone that we neglect the face to face communication.

Think about their future and what might be best

Often it is difficult to have to make decisions for others but in some cases when health is deteriorating, be that physically or mentally, then sometimes different care options are better suited. It might be that a dementia care home is suitable if there is signs of deterioration to the brain with memory loss and general routine. It could be that help in the home or having their home adapted because they physically can’t get around might make things easier. Think about their options and come to a fair and mutual decision.

Listen to their advice, they could help

Maybe you have an issue that is worrying you or stressing your out, then why not ask your parents for some advice

After all, the chances ar they may have been there themselves before, or certainly might be able to shed some light by looking at it from a different perspective.

Tell them you love them

The simplest and possibly most effective way to show your parents you love and care for them is to just tell them. End the phone call with an “I love you” or call them just to say it. Hearing it can really lift spirits and also serve as some reassurance that they are still very much wanted and needed in your life no matter how busy you might be.

Involve them in your life often

Finally, when you are younger you tend to tell your parents about every achievement. Any certificate you get, accolade awarded or praise your parents possibly knew about it, but as you get into adult life we tend to not sing the praises so much. Involve them in your life, tell them what you are doing, have them around your home and get them involved in your family or the children you might have.

I hope that these tips help you to show your parents you care.

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