My First Ballet: Cinderella

It’s officially the end of the summer holidays and one of the highlights was definitely our trip to  The Opera House in Manchester to watch My First Ballet: Cinderella.

Amber started doing babyballet when she was 18 months old and it is still something which she loves doing around the house. Cinderella is also one of her favourite Disney stories, so having the both combined was a genius idea.

The show incorporated some absolutely beautiful ballet routines with the Cinderella story as the backdrop and a narration throughout. I expected the show to be more aimed towards kids, so I was pleasantly surprised that it was actually aimed at all ages. My friend also attended with her husband, son and daughter and the boys definitely enjoyed it just as much as the girls.

The show is a great introduction to ballet for kids, and Amber spent the next few weeks trying to recreate the routines.

This is definitely a show I would be happy to watch again.

*I was invited to view the production in return for an honest review.

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