Pregnancy and Birth Is Never Perfect: How to Ride The Rollercoaster

You understand that being pregnant and having a baby will never be smooth sailing. It’s the human body, and it’s a truly magical thing, but it is certainly not perfect. Understanding that you may be faced with difficulties along the way is all part of being pregnant and navigating your own personal birth story. You may have a specific plan in place, but you might also need to tweak this plan according to the here and now. Whether you’re dealing with a not so perfect pregnancyor navigating a tricky birth, there are a lot of different methods you can use to ride the rollercoaster. Consider some of the following notions and you will soon feel prepared for what’s in store.

Understand All of Your Options and Rights

Becoming well informed on your rights as a pregnant or postpartum mother will always feel empowering. There are so many different options you have when it comes to giving birth, so it’s important to give careful consideration to them all. Sometimes your birth plan may not go as well as you hoped, but there will always be a professional who can provide you with tailored advice for your case. Whether you need guidance from a cerebral palsy solicitor or specialist medical consultant, now is the right time to do your research and become well informed on all of your options and rights.

Never Feel Forced Into a Decision

Your emotions can run high when giving birth as you have so many hormones running through your body. No matter what happens, you should always feel comfortable with the treatment you’re getting or pain relief you’re receiving. Never feel forced to make a choice from a nurse, midwife, doctor, or your partner. This is your body and you have every right to decide what you do with it. 

Try Not to Overthink

As your pregnant body begins to grow, change and adapt to your baby, you may start to experience symptoms that you’ve never felt before. This can cause you to overthink and become worried about certain health scenarios as you navigate your pregnancy journey. You may be struggling with anxiety during pregnancywhich can cause you to overthink certain things, but you should always seek out medical advice before you jump to conclusions.

Handle Each Moment As It Comes

Everyday is completely different when you’re experiencing pregnancy, birth and postpartum life. You are bound to have weak moments, but you need to strive towards a positive mindset throughout each stage. Try not to think too far ahead and worry about what is to come. Enjoy the present moment, feel at peace with your current situation and lean on the people you love for support. 

All in all, you should try to enjoy the process of being pregnant and learning more about what you can do as a mother. You are truly doing something special and putting your body through a lot, so give yourself some grace and take credit where credit is due!

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