Seven Tips to Become the Perfect Role Model for Your Kids

Every parent wants their kids to do well in life, and have high aspirations for their children. Kids will copy your behaviour and attitude for a long time, so you might want to make some changes so they will look at you as a perfect role model and a source of inspiration for everything they do. From teaching them how to work and play hard to helping others there are several ways you can become the perfect role model for your children and influence their future positively. 

  1. Healthy Habits- The first thing you might want to change as your children grow older is your unhealthy habits. You don’t want your kids to see you eat a full bar of chocolate one day and being told that they are not allowed it because it is unhealthy. If you don’t want them to take on unhealthy habits, don’t expose them to them. Check out to find out how to get help breaking up with unhealthy habits. Whether you drink too often at home or gamble all weekend, your kids will notice. Make a plan to overcome your addiction and become the perfect role model for them.

  2. Love Animals- Another thing you can teach your kids is how to look after others. Get a few animals, but start small. Get a goldfish and teach your kids how to look after it. Get a few more, then move on to a tortoise, a hamster, and finally a cat or a dog. If your kids see you care for other living creatures, they will develop a caring personality and understand how important it is to show compassion.

  3. Looking After the Environment- At one point, your child is likely to come home from school, telling you that they learned about recycling and saving energy. You don’t want to be the one stopping them in the project. Indeed, you will have to teach them from the beginning how to recycle plastic and paper, and explain them how electricity and gas are produced, so they are more aware of the consequences of their actions as they get older.

  4. Reducing Waste- It is also important that you teach your kids the principles of minimalist living. Encourage them to give away their toys they no longer use to kids less fortunate, and create craft projects of items they were about to throw out. You can create the perfect weekend activity by using a few old pencils to create a photo frame together, or going through the recycling bin to create stunning craft projectsFrom pencil holders to craft boxes, you can reduce your household waste and save money at the same time together.

  5. Active Lifestyle- If you want to get your kids active, it is not enough to sign them up with the local football team and drive them to and from practice. Go on adventures, walks, and hill climbs every weekend, and do something together. Whether you like swimming in the pool or playing badminton in your local gym, there is something you can all do to improve your health and teach your kids good habits.

  6. Hard Work- If you work hard, your kids will be more likely to develop a healthy attitude towards their homework and choresThey will see that they are not alone and copy you. Try to take them to your workplace, if this is possible, and show them what you do every day, so they learn that money comes to those who do something for it. This will make your kids realize that the harder they work the better rewards they will get. Give them household chores, and once they completed it, reward them with days out of pocket money.

  7. Learning Something New Every Day- It is important that your kids learn as much as they can during your childhood. Share what you learned every day with them, and ask them what they found out. Encourage them to investigate different things, and do their own research. While sitting in the classroom is essential, you want  your kids to become independent thinkers and follow their passion and interest.

To become the perfect role model for your kids, you might want to change some of your habits. Focus on teaching your children both practical skills and ethical principles. You are the person they will copy the most, therefore, your lifestyle, attitude, behaviour, and values will have a huge impact on their future lives. Make them look up to you and respect you, and it will be easier to handle teenage years when they come.

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