{AD} Baiji Relieve Raspberry Leaf Tea- Review

When it comes to managing my endometriosis and period pain natural remedies are my go to choice. I worry about the long-term effects of painkillers so I prefer to use essential oils and focus on nutrition such as omegas and herbal teas.

I have recently discovered Baiji Relieve Raspberry Leaf Tea which helps relieve menstrual cramps, anxiety and general PMS symptoms such as bloating. This is a loose-tea which ingredients such as,

  • Raspberry Leaves- to help relieve menstrual cramps.
  • Peppermint Tea- to help reduce bloating and relieve pain. This is great for promoting gut health doing menstruation too.
  • Jujube- to help reduce anxiety
  • Orange peel- to support your immune system.

The packaging is beautiful as is the loose tea itself, almost looks too good to drink!

Luckily my delivery arrived on Day 1 of my cycle so I was able to try the tea straight away which was helpful as my anxiety and cramps are always at its worst on Days 1 and 2.

I had my first cup mid morning and another early afternoon and I found that my back cramps reduced drastically and I felt less anxious (after having a panic attack at around 10am that day). I spent the rest of the week having a cup every lunchtime and before bed and by Day 5 my cycle was less heavy than it would usually be. I use a period tracker journal and looking back through it shows me that my cycle doesn’t usually get lighter until at least Day 7/8 (my endometriosis means that my cycle can last up to 14 days most months). Another symptom that I suffer from during my cycle is diarrhoea, this is common with endometriosis, however I felt like my gut was happier (probably thanks to the peppermint) and my symptoms were reduced mid way through my cycle. I still had some bloating but nowhere near as bad and there was no discomfort with it. I am confident that using Relieve regularly will help with this and also keeping on top of my nutrition.

Taste wise Relieve has a lovely natural sweetness to it so I didn’t feel the need to add honey or any other sweetener. It smells delicious too so it feels like a luxury treat, it can be so hard finding a herbal tea that doesn’t taste bitter.

At £9.95 this is more affordable to me than my usual method of buying lots of different supplements. I have already recommended Relieve to my close friends who I know suffer from heavy painful periods and will be sending them a box.

It would be lovely to add this into a homemade self-care box for a loved one at Christmas who needs a bit of a boost during their menstrual cycle.

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