Grosvenor Casino VIP Event

Screenshot_2015-05-01-21-01-10~2On Saturday night/Sunday morning I attended a VIP bloggers event at the Grosvenor Casino in Didsbury, Manchester to watch the highly anticipated boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and enjoy some free food and drinks. The event was organised by Mediacom and it was my first time working with them. I was sent an email with the nights plans and told to arrive between 10pm-2am to allow time to get signed up and enjoy some food before the fight, which was due to start at 4am. I arrived just before 1.30am  and was greeted by two lovely doorman before being signed up for a membership at reception by a bubbly young lady. As this was my first time first impressions so far were good. I was told that I would be in the Poker room upstairs and was pointed in the right direction. At this point the casino was already starting to fill up and you could tell the atmosphere was going to be amazing come 4am! On arrival to the poker room I was shown to the table where my fellow bloggers and Will from Mediacom were already seated. There were 7 other bloggers, including a few who I recognised from the MCR Bloggers Facebook group. The lovely Keeley aka phatcupcake and I were the only girls. Other bloggers in attendance included Carl aka ablokeseyeview Darren from The Primal Academy and gamingdaddyoftwo. We were given wristbands which entitled us to free alcohol from the main bar all night and behind our table we had access to a coffee machine and lots of water and squash. Free food was also on offer for us. We had the option of ordering a meal from the menu each or a large platter to share. The platter was definitely the right choice! Just look at how amazing it looked!

















































My favourites were the calamari, burgers and sweet potato fries. The plan after food was to have a free ‘Learn To Play’ session but we were all in a food coma by this point. So we decided to have more drinks and watch the hype unfold live on the big screen. We all got excited seeing coverage of all the sporting legends and A-listers like  Mike Tyson, Tom Brady and Evander Holyfield arrive and had a good joke at Mark Wahlbergs shameless plugging of his sponsors t-shirt!

And oh how we laughed at the Jamie Foxx rendition of the National Anthem. Awkward, right?

FINALLY it was time for the fight to start. The atmosphere in the room was electric! Around our table the majority were going for a ‘Money’ Mayweather win, with a few rooting for Manny.











The fight went all the way to the 12th round before Mayweather was declared the winner.



Even though I live close to the Parrs Wood Entertainment Complex, this was my first visit to Grosvenor Casino and I’ll definitely be back. There are regular events and the overall service and food was great. Even though it was a big sporting event everything was controlled well and there was no trouble inside or outside the venue from what I could see. If you’re interested in visiting the casino just head to the Parrs Wood Entertainment Complex and it is next to Virgin Active. To find out more please visit Grosvenor Casino or visit their Twitter page Grosvenor Casino Didsbury

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