How We Can Give Our Children the Nutritional Foundations to Grow and Thrive

The hardest thing as parents is to make sure that our children are eating right. When it comes to raising children, we have to make sure we are giving them enough so they are growing properly, but we also need to give them those nutritional foundations that set them up for healthier choices. Providing the foundations to ensure they are healthy and are growing with all of the adequate nutrients is a big battle, but let’s show you some approaches that can make all of the difference. 

Giving Them More Options

The fact is that when it comes to food, children will like what they like. Sometimes a child can surprise us. Because your toddler may find they have a penchant for olives and stinky cheese, so even if you don’t like these, you should support this, because olives and cheese provide all-important fats as well as protein. The important thing is to let them lead the way. For example, if they like something like fish fingers, it’s not important for you to give them a huge range of fish, but make sure that they get used to this one type of fish first. There is a wide variety of fish resources out there. For example, shellfish supplied in UK by FishforThought  is going to offer a wider variety of sustainably caught fish, which is great for your children if you want to teach them the value of ethical foods. But at the very outset, make sure they have more options (and each option should be somewhat nutritious). 

Look at It From Their Perspective

We may think that if we want to give our children more nutrients, we’ve got to give them more food. Many children are very picky when it comes to their overall food choices because of their taste buds and textures. Therefore, we’ve got to think about what it really takes for our children to eat well. Making portions smaller can make all the difference because our children are not going to feel overwhelmed by a variety of choices. Making sure that you pair familiar foods with unfamiliar ones can slowly stretch out their taste buds, but it’s also important to remember that patience is a virtue. Your child may look at an item of food 20 times before they decide to taste it. Just because your child doesn’t like something now doesn’t mean they will not in a few months or years’ time. Taste buds change, after all.

Giving Them a Supplement

Because you may be worried about the ways to keep your kids healthy to set them up for a solid life, we can’t always give them all the nutrients they need every single day. A multivitamin can straddle the balance, especially as they grow bigger and stronger. Ensuring you give them good quality vitamins is crucial but you should also make sure they don’t have too much of a certain vitamin, for example, too much vitamin A can be toxic. 

If you want to give your children the nutritional foundations in life, you’ve got to make sure that you are getting the balance right, but also not panicking and forcing your children to eat healthily; this may only turn them off healthy foods straight towards unhealthy choices!

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