Should You Date Someone That Has Separated From Their Spouse?

You’re likely reading this because you’re hoping to find your significant other at some point. As you probably know, the dating scene is quite an interesting and varied place to be, and your experiences may sometimes not be as anticipated.

For example, you might find someone that catches your eye and where you both share a mutual connection. But, the downside is they might not be as single as you had hoped.

If you’re considering dating someone that has separated from their spouse, is it something you should pursue? The answer is: it depends. Bear in mind the following points to help you decide whether it’s a situation you’re happy to be in:

Are They Over Their Ex?

The first question you must ask yourself is, what kind of relationship does your prospective partner have with their spouse? Remember that separation is not the same as divorce; both people are still technically married to each other.

For example, is the person you’re thinking of dating living alone or still in the same home as their spouse? Do they still have any romantic feelings for their ex? You don’t want to be in a “rebound” relationship for that person.

What Is Their Plan Of Action?

Next, you need to find out about their plan of action – i.e., where are they in the divorce process, and how long will it be before the divorce gets finalised?

If the person you want to date is yet to file for divorce, and it’s what they want to do but are unsure of how to proceed, you could go with them to see some solicitors in family law to get the process started.

How Supportive Are You Willing To Be?

When you start dating someone, you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by things like a separation or divorce going on in their lives. After all: the point of dating someone is to have fun together, learn more about each other, and grow the relationship.

You need to ask yourself whether you’re happy to be an emotional support for that person and potentially sacrifice some of the fun in the early stages of your relationship, or whether you should simply find someone else without so much “baggage” in their lives.

How Much Time Can They Devote To You?

Do you know how often your potential partner can devote to you each week? Will you be dating someone local, or are you entering a long-distance relationship

Are you able to see each other regularly, or is their ex likely to cause problems if they knew about your dating their spouse? You must satisfy yourself that you’re happy with the time they can spend with you.

Does Your Potential Partner Have Kids?

Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that dating a separated person with kids – especially young children – can be quite a complex thing to do. That’s because you’re essentially buying into a package deal – rather than simply being with a single person.

It will take a lot of adjustment for your potential partner’s kids to get used to, so you need to think about whether you’re happy to be patient and take things slowly, or whether it’s a relationship that’s not worth pursuing.

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